"New" Christine Liesl Hunter
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age 26 or 28 (season 1)
Relatives Papa Jeff (father)
Unnamed mother
Amy (half-sister)
Unnamed half-brother
Marital status In a relationship with Richard Campbell
Portrayed by Emily Rutherfurd
"New" Christine Liesl Hunter is a character in The New Adventures of Old Christine.


Ritchie CampbellEdit

New Christine is very fond of Ritchie. She is always very nice to him, and he is nice in return. Ritchie and New Christine's friendship gradually fades out as Ritchie grows up.

Old ChristineEdit

Old Christine and New Christine's relationship is very shaky. New Christine is always very nice to Old Christine, though Old Christine is very mean to New Christine. In season four, Old Christine is New Christine's maid-of-honor

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